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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dreamhost announces new cloud storage service

From Dreamhost:

We're excited because we've taken the wraps off of something that we're calling "DreamObjects", our NEW cloud storage service.
DreamObjects is so named because it uses the concept of data "objects" where data is stored in giant virtual "buckets". You might make one bucket to house your music collection, another for photos, and a third for documents pertaining to your gross, gross hobby. You can even designate files within each of your buckets as being public or private at a moment's notice.

Unlike traditional web hosting where monthly pricing is fixed and resources are unlimited, pricing for DreamObjects is usage-based. You only pay for data that you store on our servers and for the amount of data that is transferred from them.

Storage costs start at $0.07 per GB (Amazon S3 starts at $0.12!) and scales all the way down to $0.044 per GB, depending on just how much data you choose to store with us. Outbound transfer costs are fixed at $0.07 per GB.

And the best part? DreamObjects is API-compatible with both Amazon's S3 and OpenStack Object Storage, so if you're a web developer and your app is storing data on either of those platforms, DreamObjects could potentially be a drop-in replacement for you. You could be like, 30 minutes away from saving a sizable chunk of money!