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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Windows shortkeys

If you ever find yourself without a mouse, the following combinations will stop you from pulling out your hair:

  • Alt-tab: window change
  • Ctrl-C: copy
  • Ctrl-X: cut
  • Ctrl-V: paste
  • F5: refresh
  • F2: edit a field
  • window-D: minimise everything
  • Ctrl-esc: pull up the window box
  • Ctrl-S: saves most things
  • F12: always tends to be Save As
  • F10: does menu bar stuff
  • F11: does full screens
  • shift-tab: change input boxes
  • shift-return: line feed
  • Crtl-home: navigation
  • Ctrl-T: opens a tab in your browser
  • Alt-D: go to the address bar in browser