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Thursday, February 16, 2012 Suspended

JotForm, a popular web form builder and 'hosted form service provider', posted the following statement on their blog:

As a part of an ongoing investigation about a content posted in our site, a US government agency has temporarily suspended our domain. We are fully cooperating with them, but it is not possible to say when the domain would be unblocked.

The full blogpost can be found here.

A whois lookup for the domain returns:

Registrant: Interlogy, LLC  Registered through: Go Daddy Domain Name: JOTFORM.COM  Domain servers in listed order: NS1.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM NS2.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM

It looks like Godaddy was contacted over user created forms used in a phishing scam against Standard Bank. The question is; Was JotForm contacted before Godaddy took down the domain? Did JotForm get enough time to respond to the situation before Godaddy took down the domain?

Godaddy has a (IMHO) very questionable track record when it comes to taking down domains. The most famous example would be when they took down the security archive (Full story).